Nu Nah-Hup: Sacajawea’s Story Premiere, Reviews, Press!

“The story of Sacajawea glowed in a new, Indigenous-centered Opera Theater Oregon production.” ~ James Bash, Oregon Arts Watch


Composer-flutist Hovia Edwards and composer-conductor Justin Ralls performing Opera Theater Oregon’s “Nu Nah-Hup” at Hampton Opera Center. Photo by Josh Orchard.


“Ralls created lovely soundscapes that combined the Native flutes with a chamber orchestra, consisting of strings, flutes, bass clarinet, horn, piano, and percussion. His music shifted organically – from languid to joyful to tense – and it all worked well to set the scene and convey the drama. His conducting was very energetic and clear, and that communicated well to the orchestral ensemble, which sat at a formidable distance on the other side of the stage.”

Listen here to this beautiful interview on OPB’s Think Out Loud with Dave Miller, Rose Ann Abrahamson, and Executive Director, Lisa Lipton.

In an historic first, Opera Theater Oregon brought the story of Sacajawea centerstage with captivating intensity at the Hinckley Studio Theatre in the Hampton Opera Center…

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