Tree Ride (excerpt)

Genre: Epic, Dramatic, Orchestral Tone Poem

As the World Turns on its Dark Side

Genre: Horror, Thriller, Suspense

Night on Mysterious Mountain

Genre: Action, Adventure, Chase Scene, Symphonic Fugue

Liebestod (Love Theme)

Genre: Romantic, Epic

Recorded on the Newman Scoring Stage at 20th Century Fox Studios, Los Angeles.

Evening Redness in the West

Genre: Action/Adventure, Post-Apocalyptic Western

Anthrophony (excerpt)

Genre: Indie, Documentary

Filmusik: Turkish Rambo (Main Title)

Filmusik: Turkish Rambo (Rambo’s Entrance)

Filmusik: Turkish Rambo (Final Scene)

Filmusik: Turkish Rambo Main Title / Trailer

Main Title feat. original music from Filmusik’s Turkish Rambo (1983 Vahsi Kan, Yerli Rambo)

Produced by Filmusik & Galen Huckins

Music composed, orchestrated and conducted by Justin Ralls

Foley Art by David Ian

Voice-Actors by Willamette Radio Workshop

Filmusik: Turkish Rambo (Trailer)

Filmusik: Turkish Rambo / “Find him you fools!”

Filmusik: Turkish Rambo / “You are the Puma!”

Filmusik: Turkish Rambo / “Hunter”

Filmusik: Turkish Rambo / “Hunted”

Westworld Scoring Competition 2020

Entry cue for Spitfire Audio, HBO/Westworld Scoring Competition 2020. Video courtesy of HBO.

Music composed, orchestrated, conducted (and performed) by Justin Ralls.

Featuring musicians of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music Orchestra, recorded live during composer reading session.

Filmusik: Gamera vs. Zigra (Trailer)