Ecomusicollapsology is my own original neologism to describe the synthesis of ecomusicology and collapsology, an area of research which engages the intersection of music, culture, and nature, in the context of the collapse of ecological systems and/or the collapse of complex societies.

Ecomusicology, or ecocritical musicology, is the study of music, culture, and nature in all the complexities of those terms (Allen and Dawe 2016).The term collapsology is a neologism used to designate the transdisciplinary study of the risks of collapse of our industrial civilization, yet is also concerned with the “general collapse of societies induced by climate change, scarcity of resources, vast extinctions, and natural disasters,” and more (Daoudy 2020).

Ecomusicollapsology, therefore is an emergent field of study which engages the various ways human music and culture are entwined with local and global ecologies and how these relationships are affected by ecological and societal collapse.

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